Beauty put to the test!

Thank you Holly for your review on our Lip balm and several other sample products I sent. Holly is a new member to this page and decided she would love to try some of our Products. Here is what she had to say about the sample products after trying them.

” First of all I would like to say thank you so much to Shaleen for allowing me to try all these wonderful products! Here is a list of the samples I received and what I thought of each of them. First of all the Ooh La Kahlua Lip Balm was my absolute favorite! It smells wonderful, glides on so smoothly, moisturizes for hours and gives my lips a nice shimmer. The Polka-Dot Peppermint Soap was another favorite of mine and was a real pick-me-up especially when I washed my face with it in the morning. It smells refreshing and made my skin feel cool, soft and clean. The Peacenik Bombinator Steamer Tab smelled lovely and had a real relaxing affect. What a great treat and made me feel like I was at a Spa at home! I also tried 3 Sinful Skin Moisturizing Lotions, Mother – which reminds me of the scent of lilacs (so nice), Ocean – which reminds me of the outdoors and has an energizing yet zen like affect on me and lastly Lei Away – which was my favorite of the 3 which smelled of plumeria which I absolutely love! All of these products made me feel like I was spoiling myself (and justifiably so! lol)! They are luxurious, yet affordable and best of all paraben-free, contain no gluten or SLS and are made right here in the USA! I cannot wait to indulge in more of Perfectly Posh’s wonderful products and would highly recommend them to family and friends (especially for gifts for me! LOL) ;D Holly Swint

Many thanks to Holly for taking the time to try our products and give her truthful feedback. I am always looking for individuals that love pampering products to review our products. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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