Beauty, Health and Your Skin

Why do we need to worry about our Skin? Your Skin is your largest organ and acts as a barrier against allergens and infectious organisms. In fact, research from Harvard University determined that the epidermis and dermis of a healthy person’s skin is filled with 20 billion disease-fighting T cells–twice the number found in your bloodstream.(Self Magazine, March 2012) Fortify your defenses with some Perfectly Posh! Lets Protect it: Lotion Up! “Keeping your skin moisturized helps prevent cracks, which prevents bacteria and viruses from getting into the bloodstream,” Dr. Clark says. Apply lotion within two minutes of bathing for optimum protection Let me help you protect your Beauty, Health and Skin with some Perfectly Posh Products. Lets start out with a moisturizing Chunk bar soap in your scents while in the shower, jump out and Slather up with our body butters, and hit those sensitive cracked areas with our Healer . Protect your health by pampering your Skin today and stay healthy for tomorrow!