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Winter Skin Recommendations

Facial Tips for Winter Skin

As the largest organ of our bodies, our skin needs all the help it can get to protect us from the unavoidable pollutants and free radicals that bombard us daily. It’s a tough challenge to find a skin regimen that protects our greatest protector, but an even more daunting task to find a natural skin care routine that can accomplish the task during the harsh months of winter.

Have No Fear!

Have no fear! There are Perfectly Posh products here that will give you the natural skin care you are looking for at the price you can’t afford to pass up!

Skin Cleansing for the Season

Smashing Good Pumpkin (natural facial mask) should be your go-to for facial cleansing this winter! Witch hazel, pumpkin, salicylic acid, kaolin clay, and tea tree oil come together as ingredients in the Smashing Good Pumpkin Anti-Acne Face & Body ClayhHhh to make a powerfully effective natural facial cleanser that’s easy to make a part of your winter skin regimen at $18. (In fact, it’s cheaper than a homemade face mask of comparable quality!) Add to those natural cleansers: cucumber, aloe, apricot, cranberry, banana, coffee, apple, and coconut to heal and nourish skin the pure and natural way. Now, this is one of the best natural skin care tips you’ll get all season!

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smashing good pumpkin

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