Argan Oil is Liquid Gold

Liquid gold, a Moroccan miracle, magic in a bottle. Argan oil, it goes by many names. The beauty industry has been touting its benefits for years now. They’ve even created entire product lines based entirely around this one ingredient (Josie Moran, I’m looking at you)! But does the science behind this skin (and hair, and nail) saver live up to the hype? Here at Poshified, we’ve done some digging to see if this ingredient really is worth its weight in gold. Here’s what we’ve found!

Claim 1: All you need to lighten your pesky darks spots is a bottle of this unique oil.

Science says: In 2013, scientists from Japan and Morocco, supported in part by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, published a study on the effects of argan oil on dark spots. According to their paper, men and women in Morocco have long believed that Argan oil is an effective skin lightening agent. But until recently, these claims hadn’t been tested using the actual oil itself.

Their findings? The study proved that argan oil is an “effective melanin biosynthesis inhibitor.” In other words, Argan oil really does help reduce the melanin production that can lead to hyperpigmentation making it effective against dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Score one for Argan oil!

Claim 2: Argan oil is a magic moisturizer, guaranteed to leave your skin softer, smoother, and all over younger looking.

Science Says: According to an article  by Ph. D. Nadim A. Shaath, Argan oil contains compounds with numerous moisturizing benefits. It’s composed of vitamin e and essential fatty acids, both of which form a barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss. It also contains a substance called squalene which, the article says can penetrate deeper into the skin, providing moisture and other benefits as it does so.

In another study a group of 60 post-menopausal women both consumed and applied topically either argan oil, or olive oil. The results showed a significant difference between the two groups. It turns out, argan oil not only helps the skin retain its moisture, it actually increases skin elasticity, combatting one of the major effects of aging on skin.

So, does argan oil live up to its reputation? For these two claims, science says yes! Don’t forget to check out the many Perfectly Posh products containing argan oil to reap these benefits for yourself! My personal favorite is Never Grow Up Face Crème. Check it out!