3 Easy Beauty Time Saver Hack with Perfectly Posh

Beauty Time Savers Hack

Some call it a Beauty Time Saver. Some call it a Beauty Hack. I called it the best Beauty Time Saver Hack of all time!

Many of us are so short on time and standing in front of the mirror for long periods of time getting ready does not work! Let me share with you an easy, simple way to get ready and look great for a day at work, a night out or just hanging out with the girls.

Perfectly Posh introduces.. . Glow like a Pro before you GO beauty hack time saver!

How to- Step 1- Prime- Start with a little primer ( You’ve got it glowing on) all over your face.

Beauty time saver hack – Mix it with your foundation and apply with a beauty brush or sponge for fast one step application of your primer and foundation together!

Beauty Time Saver Hack- Went a little to cray cray? Run your foundation brush or sponge over the area. This will help tone down and blend any area you over did it.

Extra tip From your Posh Lady- I love the bronzer as a lip color too. This Bronzed Broad crayon gives you great contour without a lot of skill needed. EASY!!

Beauty Time Saver Hack- for fuller looking lips you can apply the highlighter right to your cupid’s bow or for most of us the crease above your lip

Who would have guessed that these 3 crayons and primer could change a beauty routine so easily? Make sure you stay tune and subscribe to my channel to see all the amazing NEW Fall/Winter beauty time savers.

No more excuses because now we can be ready in 3 easy steps!

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